About Us

 I have been involved with dogs from an early age, my parents raised sled dogs and from the time I was a baby until my early teenage years weekends were hauling the dogs off to the snow to go racing.  I was too small for many years, and begged and pleaded to have my turn but the rules stated you had to be able to see over the top handle of the sled.  One day my dad pleaded on my behalf, and they took my big Alaskan Malamute Joe and hooked him up, he waited patiently until I got on the sled, and then as he took off, I fell off.  He stopped and waited patiently for me to get back on, this happened many times that race but he would go slow and as soon as he felt my weight no longer on the sled & would stop for me.   I didn't win but I really do think that was the start of a long career of patience and perseverance with dogs.  In my teenage years I changed dogs for horses, showing, barrel racing and eventually found my love of Dressage and three day evening.  I think that I have always had an eye for beautiful movement and love to watch the dogs doing what they do best.

Currently I have two Berners that live with me:  Vegas and Napa and a Token Golden Retreiver named Wally (or more Likely Wally what do you have now).  I believe that temperment is so important in this breed along with type, structure and health.  Bernese are very loyal to their families, they are great with children and should not be shy or unapproachable.