Am/Can CH Master Frodo Von Fallernte, CGC, BN, RN, NDD, NW1    - Oct 15, 2003 - July 15, 2013

Frodo was my first Bernese Mountain Dog and will always have a special part of my heart.  He taught me patience and humility and taought all the other dogs what was good and bad behavior.  Frodo was diagnosed in Dec of 2013 with Transitional Cell Carcinoma (bladder cancer) and took each day in stride, living life to the fullest.  He is greatly missed and the house seems to have a void with him no longer here.

Borealbreeze Bella Sera, CGC, CD, RA, ANDD, ANBDD, OAP, OJP, HCT, NW1 - BMDCA Working Dog  - Jan 16, 2007 - Dec 7, 2014

Brandy was my working girl, she had an amazing temperament and was in control of the house at all times, she was the horder of all toys and the official foot warmer at all winter agility trials.  Brandy died very quickly of Adrenal Carcinoma, she had a tumor on her artery that burst and was gone within two hours.  She will never be forgotten and will always remember her silly antics.

GCH Ivie V.'T Maroyke, NW1 - July 13, 2009 - August 9, 2016

Ivie was an incredible girl, my foundation bitch, she came from Belguim and was everything any breeder could hope for.  She loved being a mom and was a wonderful mother.  Ivie died rather suddenly after her first grandaughter was born and we don't know what she died of but it was suspected to be a perforated bowel and it turned septic.  Pathology could not find any cancer in the cells that were sent in.  I just know that she had a quiet presence and the house just doesn't seem the same without her.  Her spirit lives on in her children..