Oct 15, 2003 - July 15, 2013

Frodo is my first Berner, he was the runt of the litter and came running up to me, rolled over on his back as if to say "pick me, pick me!"  He is my dark faced boy and my introduction to this beautiful breed.  He had beautiful movement in his hey day and earned his Championship with ease.  In 2006 he was in the Top 20 and earned an invitation to Eukanueba.

Frodo taught me so much about humility and patience.  For seven years we have been working on getting his CD, and the most we have been able to do is get his Beginning Novice Title.  It took 7 tries to pass his Draft Test and each time it was a new thing that failed us.  He really does know how to do it all, and if you watched us warm up outside of the ring, you would think he was a High in Trial Dog.  However once inside a ring or a test he has a way of turning off his brain and doing his own thing, which was usually not what I wanted to do.

Today Frodo is a Veteran and a well earned one at that.  He gets to sleep where he wants and every once in a while go back out in the show ring as a Veteran to strut his stuff.  We have given up the elusive CD title and are enjoying doing Nose Work which he truly loves.  He is the ultimate protector of the house and has taken his duties as being the oldest very seriously.  

AM/CAN CH Master Frodo Von Fallernte, NDD, RN, BN, CGC, NW1, HCT - Sheep

Elbows - Normal BMD - DL4684M24-PI
Hips - Good BMD - 12812G30M-PI
Eyes - Normal - BMD 3709/2006-36
Cardiac - Normal - BMD-CA989/12M/C-PI
VwD - Clear
Thyroid - Low
DM - Clear

Frodo had to be neutered due to Prostitis but has been saved and stored at ICSB for future use.