Ch Gandalf V.'T Maroyke, RN, BN, NDD, ANDD, BNDD, NW!

Gandalf crossed the Rainbow Bridge in January of 2019.  He started to decline right before Christmas and then bounced back and had three really good weeks before cancer just took over.  I miss the big goofball, his little woofs and Eskimo kisses.  There will only be one Gandalf the Great and until we meet again big guy you be nice to Frodo.

While traveling in Switzerland for the 100th Anniversary of the Bernese Mountain Dog I met Gandalf's Breeder, Ronny at Maroyke Kennels.  He had such consistancy with his dogs, which always placed in the top three in every division both days.  His dogs at that show had wonderful temperments, beautiful coats and of course Bone and what we in the breed like to call type.  I asked him at that show about upcoming litters and 4 months later he contacted me and said he had a wonderful boy in a breeding that I could have.  I flew over to Belguim, met with Ronny and his lovely wife Christine, met all the dogs and fell in love this a rambuncous 8 week old puppy.  Getting him home was a challenge as the airline would only allow him under the seat with me if he weighed less than 15 pounds.  I think he was 18lbs at the time, but was so cute, no one could say no to him.

Gandalf has proven to be a delightful boy, easy going temperment, very laid back around the house.  He is part of a school reading program and school children of all sizes crawl all over him and use him like a bear rug much to his delight.  Just shy of his 2nd birthday, while I was in Europe getting Ivie, he injured himself somehow and ended up with a bulged disk in his back.  We tried all types of therapy to fix the problem, but ultimately it was too bad of an injury and he had to have major back surgery called a Dorsal Lamenectomy.  At the time I was terrified for him thinking this was the end of my big beautiful boy.  The surgeon assured me this was best for him and after some time I wouldn't even know he ever had an injury.  She was correct, and today he is as goofy and silly as ever and full of Zest for Life.   As he was recovering, it became obvious that this gorgeous boy needed a job to do to keep his mind busy.  We started doing Nose Work, and he became very good at it.  It was a way to occupy his brain, keep him working and yet not hurt himself in the process.  One year after his surgery, Dr. Cline said he could do everything he ever wanted and she couldn't believe how well he had recovered.

Gandalf is now retired and enjoys going for walks and cuddling on the couch..

Ch Gandalf V.'T Maroyke, BN, RN, ANDD, BNDD, NW1  September 22, 2007 - January 16, 2019

Elbows - Normal BMD-EL7617M35-VPI
Hips - Good  BMD -16172G35M-VPI
Cardiac - BMD-CA1676/29M/C-VPI
Eyes - Normal  BMD-355771 
DM - Carrier BMD-DM637/40M-VPI-CAR